The way we are living/ timorous or bold, /will have been our life.

Seamus Heaney (1939 – ), Irish poet, writer, lecturer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, in an elegy for fellow poet, Robert Lowell

Google reportedly sometimes puts fewer engineers on a problem than it needs, in an effort to inspire ingenuity.

Oliver Burkeman, columnist on The Guardian newspaper, in a recent article on “How to have ideas”

I once tried to make a list of great sculptors you would allow to baby-sit. There were none… most great artists are vile. They are horrid to their spouses, cruel to their children, fickle with their friends; they’re vain, monomaniac bores. Inescapably, that seems to be in the nature of genius.

AA Gill, TV critic of The (UK) Sunday Times, writing recently in that paper