“Brain researchers estimate that your unconscious database outweighs the conscious on an order exceeding ten million to one. This database is the source of your hidden, natural genius. In other words, a part of you is much smarter than you are. The wise people regularly consult that smarter part.

Michael J. Gelb (1952 – ), author, speaker and pioneer in the field of creative thinking

Sleep is the only source of invention.

Marcel Proust (1871- 1922), French novelist, critic and essayist, best-known for writing A la Recherche du Temps Perdu (In Search of Lost Time)

Jake and I don’t believe in genius, or in talent. We believe in application and concentration. Every middle-class Victorian young lady could draw, play piano, write poems; these are all very learnable skills… If you believe in genius, you don’t have to try very hard. If you say David Beckham’s a genius, it means, I couldn’t possibly kick a football like that, until you realise he was out there in the cold rain and dark snow, honing his skill.

Dinos Chapman (1962 – ), English artist, and one half, with brother Jake, of The Chapman Brothers, leading figures of Britart: in a recent newspaper interview

Treat your life as one huge science experiment. A science experiment never ‘fails’, instead every experiment always gets a ‘result’. That result often leads to another experiment. If you try to make an idea happen and it doesn’t quite turn out like you thought or wanted, some people might describe that as failure… But, if you’re a scientist and your results come back different from the hypothesis, the experiment is still deemed successful because you learned something hugely useful: even if it’s what to avoid next time!

Shed Simove (1971 – ), performer, entrepreneur and author of the book, “Ideas Man”.