[Research shows that] … the ideal amount of college for a creative career is two years of undergraduate work. After that, school seems to actually inhibit the imagination.

Jonah Lehrer, in his recent book, “Imagine – How Creativity Works”, citing research by Dean Simonton, a psychologist at UC-Davis

I quickly came to realise that people who succeed are very much like everyone else, except in one area: THEY TRY THINGS.

Shed Simove, British ideas man and subscriber to Thinc Inc’s “Creativity Thought of the Week”, writing in his excellent new book, “Success … Or your Money Back”.

We know that in offices where people don’t talk, creativity is lower. Ideas, as the writer Matt Ridley has put it, need a place to ‘have sex’.

Lucy Kellaway, columnist, The Financial Times, 23 September 2012