… the best ideas are born from moments when our subconscious thoughts can breathe (i.e. when we’re not trying too hard to think), like in the shower or during a commute, but we’ve found that the best concepts are DEVELOPED through collaboration… every single good concept has come about because one of us had a kernel of an idea and then others iterated on it.

Peter Furia, partner at the creative agency, Seedwell, on the process of creating viral videos: in a recent interview with mashable.com

I just sit at the typewriter and curse a bit.

P.G. Wodehouse (1881-1975), English writer and humourist, describing his writing technique, in Collier’s magazine, 1956

Scientists at Purdue University, in Indiana, found that people who described themselves as creative had a significantly reduced mortality rate. They believe that creative improves health because it enlarges the neural networks in the brain.

Peta Bee, British journalist, writing recently in The Sunday Times

When I finish a wonderful chapter, it’s like having an orgasm.

Barbara Taylor Bradford (1933 -), best-selling English novelist, best-known for the novel, “A Woman of Substance”. This is from a recent interview in The Times