You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou (1928-2014), American author, poet and more, who died this week

Skill without imagination is craftsmanship and gives us many useful objects such as wickerwork picnic baskets. Imagination without skill gives us modern art.

Tom Stoppard (1937 – ), British playwright

[A reader of mine observed…] “(I finally) understood that anything you might consider “art” is made up of two parts; creativity and craft. The craft is the artistic skill to make the art, while creativity is the spark of life or the ingenuity behind it.” Craft is how to do stuff… If you want to develop your craft, put in your time. Creativity is the way we use our craft… If you think you aren’t creative, you probably just don’t have the craft yet.

Bruce Kasanoff, American writer, in an article this week on He starts by quoting a reader of his named Meshack Vallesillas

Need a new idea? … Go abroad. Exposure to different cultures and countries can enhance one’s ability to think creatively… a study from Indiana University found students studying abroad were able to come up with more answers to a question posed by researchers (to name as many modes of transportation as they could think of) than students who had remained on campus in the United States.


From an article published yesterday on

A brief stroll, even around your office, can significantly increase creativity, according to a handy new study… [It found that] walking markedly improved people’s ability to generate creative ideas, even when they sat down after the walk.

Gretchen Reynolds in The New York Times this week, reporting on a new study at Stanford University