“Painting a Picture” Sexier Than Coding, Study Finds.

Finally some good news for impractical creative types: they may be unemployable, but at least they’re sexy. According to a recent study … artistic creativity is more attractive to potential mates than practical creativity.

This is from a report last week by www.hyperallergic.com on a new study by U.S. psychologists titled “Who Finds Bill Gates Sexy? Creative Mate Preferences as a Function of Cognitive Ability, Personality, and Creative Achievement”

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Richard Pepler, CEO of HBO, the acclaimed U.S. TV network, when asked by The Financial Times this month the secret of making a corporation creative.

Beer is good at helping people lose their inhibitions and according to studies, creative thinking peaks at an alcohol level of 0.075 percent.

The Problem Solver beer is a new India Pale beer that claims to help drinkers reach their creative peak by reaching just that point. [Slightly paraphrased.]

A report on the website Springwise on a new beer that claims to help make you more creative.