If your unconscious mind sees that the conscious mind is… passionate about finding a creative breakthrough, it will deem it worthy of putting its processing power behind it.

It’s important to remember that your unconscious will assume the subject is not worth it if the hard conscious work has not been put in.

From “Generating the Conditions for Creativity to Happen”, a new article just published on www.thnk.org by creativity experts Neil Pavitt and Menno van Dijk

[Creativity’s] nothing to do with being childish, or having cool offices…

No, when you look at most creative breakthroughs they were under these conditions: intense and challenging rivalry, intellectual freedom and financial limit.

Shakespeare didn’t need a ping-pong table but he did need to beat Ben Jonson to sell more tickets.

Journalist Helen Rumbelow, writing in The (London) Times last week, on the vogue for offices with ping-pong tables, slides and other child-like aids to creativity.

Taming a tiger is easier than training a kitten to roar.

No, not Confucius or Lao Tzu but Think Inc associate Jonathan Fingerhut, on the importance of encouraging outlandish ideas, at least during the initial brain-dump stage of a brainstorming session.

I work better when I am not working than when I am, like Saint-Pol Roux, who used to put a notice outside his door, LE POETE TRAVAILLE [THE POET WORKS], when he intended to sleep.

Juan Miro (1893 – 1983), Catalan, Spanish painter, ceramist and sculptor