“Can’t focus? Maybe you’re a creative genius.

… scientists [have] found the first physiological evidence of a connection between creative thinking and sensory distractions…

… [they] found that poor ‘sensory gating’, the ability to filter unnecessary stimuli from the brain, correlated with a higher number of lifetime creative achievements.

Noise, in other words, aids inspiration.”

From a recent Washington Post article on new research at America’s Northwestern University, indicating the creative benefits of sensory distractions and having “leaky attention”

Every idea was O.K.  Steve Ross had a wonderful philosophy – that people got fired for NOT making mistakes.

Quoted in The New Yorker some years ago – a description of how Steven Ross, chairman of Warner Communications, encouraged wild ideas during MTV’s early years.

There is definitely something about paper that deepens focus. If I’m stuck trying to word something on my laptop I pick up a pen and notebook and instead try to do it in longhand. It usually works. Thoughts and ideas somehow seem to flow more freely than when you’re staring at a screen.

Carol Midgley, British journalist, in a recent article in The (London) Times,on how smart-phones make you stressed, stupid and less creative