A good idea wins attention that money can’t buy


Think Inc is an ideas consultancy offering two core services:

  • Idea-driven PR: quirky, creative, viral PR; viral marketing and PR stunts.
  • Help creating your own PR/marketing ideas, via training and/or brainstorming.

Longer Summary

Think Inc specialises in quirky, creative PR that spreads virally, delivering coverage, buzz, traffic, links and revenue

We provide viral marketing (viral advertising), guerrilla PR and marketing, and social media marketing for clients who want to stand out in crowded market at a cost-effective price.

In an age when attention is the scarcest resource, Think Inc uses ideas to cut through the media clutter and win attention that money can’t buy.

Our skill lies in creating interest where none existed and generating attention when little seemed possible.

People have other names still for the sort of thing we do:

  • Viral marketing or viral PR
  • Creative PR or news generation
  • Social media marketing or content marketing
  • Buzz marketing or PR
  • Word-of-mouth marketing or PR
  • Unconventional, non-traditional, gonzo PR

Whatever you call it, what we do tends to have the following in common. It…

  • Is idea-driven. The idea is the magic ingredient that creates value and interest.
  • Spreads virally – nowadays around the world.
  • Provides exceptional – often spectacular – value for money.
  • Makes people smile, using humour to win attention.

Finally, Think Inc also helps clients create their own ideas, by providing them with brainstorm facilitators and/or training, especially on creativity in PR and viral marketing.