Peter Freedman – Director of Thinking

Peter Freedman manages Think Inc’s network of experienced consultants  – in the UK, the U.S. and globally.

“I have never met anyone better than Peter Freedman at creating ideas that grab attention and spread virally – often round the world.”

– Bob Young, co-founder of Red Hat and founder and CEO of

Think Inc teams are assembled on a project basis, according to the skills needed.

This means that:

  • You get experienced consultants, not the intern or office junior.
  • You pay for the work, not the foyer.

“What Peter Freedman does is unique. He is a master at creating online buzz, which spreads globally. He has shown so repeatedly for big brands, like craigslist and Badoo.”

– Amit Shafrir, President,

While based mainly in the UK, Peter Freedman works as much in North America and manages global campaigns.

His personal goal on any project, however, is to win coverage in the North Korea Times, which he has achieved on several occasions.

Before founding Think Inc, Peter was a journalist. He wrote widely for national newspapers and magazines and reported for BBC TV. He has edited both magazines and websites on diverse subjects.

He is also:

  • The producer of Baa Baa Land, an eight-hour, slow-motion film about sheep and the self-proclaimed “dullest movie ever made”.
  • The author of the world’s first job ad for a specialist “Emoji Translator”.
  • The editor of the world’s first testicle cookbook – “The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls” – complete with recipes for testicle pizza, testicle omelette and bulls testicles with bechamel sauce.
  • The creator of The Blooker Prize, the world’s first literary prize for “blooks”, or books based on blogs or websites.
  • The co-author of “Socceranto: Birth Of A Language”.
  • The author of “Glad to be Grey – A Celebration of Dullness”, which The Guardian called “brilliant”, despite not being invited to the launch party … the first literary launch party held in a coin-op laundrette, when everyone who was no-one was there.