internal-commsWhereas other consultancies…

  • …think alike, Think Inc’s thinking, says Marks & Spencer, is ‘spookily different’.
  • …urge clients to spend zillions, Think Inc knows that if you create a good idea, you can win attention that money can’t buy.
  • …are stuck in the past, Think Inc creates new ideas for the modern age of fragmented media, cynical consumers and an age of information overload.
  • …think nationally, Think Inc thinks internationally, routinely winning global coverage.
  • …are serious, Think Inc makes people smile, using humour to win attention
  • …know how to win attention for hot-shot celebrities, we know how to win it for thermal underwear and aluminum siding. We specialize in making dull things interesting and old things new.
  • …boast lavish foyers, Think Inc is a ‘virtual consultancy’ – a network of experienced consultants, assembled on a project basis. So, you pay for the work not the foyer.
  • …focus on executing ideas – even asking the client for ideas – we focus on creating them. Yes, we’re good at executing ideas too. But we first spend longer than others on thinking, since we reckon it’s the idea that makes the biggest difference.
  • …squeeze in a quick brainstorm or hope for inspiration in the bath, Think Inc uses its own four-stage thinking process to generate ideas.

Some Differences Between Traditional PR and guerrilla PR/Marketing


Traditional PR guerrilla PR
Relies on Contacts Ideas
Good result One article/post/mention 10, 20, 50, 100 articles/posts, etc
Great result 10 or 20 Google results Hundreds or thousands of Google results
Word-of-mouth Non-viral Viral
Scope National International/Global