“The Idea Is The Jewel”

ideas-for-agenciesThink Inc calls itself “an ideas consultancy” because we reckon that it’s the idea that counts; the idea that creates value and makes the difference.

The idea is the petrol in the car, the bullet in the gun, the jewel in the crown.

It’s better to have a good idea than a huge budget because a good idea wins attention that money can’t buy.

Yes, we do the execution and the pitching too. But we agree with the client who put it to us: “Let’s talk about implementation later. The idea is the jewel.”

Attention Is The Scarcest Resource

People today are drowning in an endless tidal wave of information, marketing and other messages.

There is too much choice; too much everything.

That’s why the scarcest economic resource of all is… attention.

You used to be able to buy people’s attention by spending big on advertising.

But with endless TV channels and zillions of websites, blogs, Tweets, you can no longer buy attention, even if you have the money, which most people don’t.

The only way to get people’s attention is by coming up with great ideas – ideas that grab their interest, make them smile and get them talking and sharing, and so deliver you the holy grail of modern marketing: word-of-mouth.

What’s more, one idea is not enough… You need idea after idea, to keep your name constantly in people’s minds.

With so much choice facing consumers, businesses nowadays not only want to get noticed, they have to get noticed – or die.

And the best, cheapest, if not the only real way to get noticed, is to come up with ideas that win attention and create word-of-mouth.