brainstormThe Think Inc Process

Don’t get us wrong. We like to keep as clean as the next person. It’s just that there’s more to what we do than lying in the tub and awaiting inspiration.

Various psychologists and thinkers down the years have produced models of creative thinking.

Our own approach relies on a new synthesis, giving a four-stage process of idea creation.

We call it: I.D.E.A.


We start with research. We gather information and intelligence. We investigate our client's business and objectives. We consult with their key people.

Digestion (And Deliberation)

Next, we digest the information gathered – let it incubate and ferment. We deliberate and direct all our attention at the problem. We draw on our conscious and sub-conscious minds. We brain-dump and brainstorm. We work alone and/or together.


This is the stage when an idea is born. This might involve a flash of inspiration or else a process of sifting and shaping the best of the many, half-formed ideas hatched at the previous stage.


Finally, we give our ideas shape and substance. We work out how to make them happen. We apply them to the real world, turning ideas into reality.