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Quirky, creative PR that spreads virally.

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Think Inc specialises in quirky, creative PR and guerrilla marketing that spreads virally and gets global coverage.

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Think Inc is an ideas and PR consultancy, which specialises in quirky, creative PR that spreads virally and cuts through the media clutter to win attention that money can’t buy. Our skill lies in creating interest where none existed and generating huge attention when little seemed possible, via the sort of ideas that are tailor-made for the viral nature of the Web. We help clients stand out in a crowded market at a cost-effective price and regularly achieve global coverage. One client called our approach a “uniquely cost-effective form of online marketing”, while another said, “This is the Holy Grail – what everyone’s looking for: the sort of PR that drives traffic and spreads around the web”. Think Inc also helps clients create their own ideas, by providing brainstorm facilitators and/or training, especially on creativity in PR.