What We Did

The_quartet_played_such_callcentre_classics_as_Greensleeves_2The brief was to promote the launch of Universal Support, a business offering telephone IT support.

We responded by hiring a string quartet in full evening dress to perform in the firm’s call-centre, making it the world’s first call-centre to provide live hold music; evidence of its willingness to go the extra mile on customer service.

The quartet played such call-centre classics as Greensleeves, The Four Seasons, Nessun Dorma and The William Tell Overture – the last, said the firm, because ‘we’re like the cavalry arriving’.

“Think Inc won our launch global coverage and of just the right kind – by coming up with a great idea that tickled the media and then spread by word-of-mouth.”

– Michael Jacobs, CEO, Universal Support


BBC_News_11Extensive national and international coverage.

A successful launch and delighted client.

“We have all played in places like the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Festival Hall but never before in a call-centre.”

– Alys Jackson, violinist


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