What We Did

MirrorLongSufferingFans_2The brief was to achieve coverage, awareness, buzz for Warren United, a new animated sitcom about a long-suffering fan of a rubbish football team.

We commissioned statisticians at the English National Football Archive to rank all 92 League Clubs by how much and long their fans had suffered down the years, using data from 220,000 match results since the first Football League season in 1888.

Rochdale fans were ranked the most long-suffering and Man Utd fans the least.

“Just who are the longest-suffering fans in English football? And where does your team rank? ”



MailOnLineLongSuffering_2The story got near blanket national coverage, spreading virally on social media and provoking spirited discussion on fan forums.

It boosted awareness and viewing figures for the new show, while also driving traffic and links to its website.

“United fans have it easy. Compared to Rochdale anyway. ”

—The Sun


It was covered by media including:

  • The SunTheSunTopHalf
  • The MirrorDailyStarLongSufferingFans
  • The Daily Star
  • The Daily Mail/Mail Online
  • The Telegraph (twice)
  • The Guardian
  • The Times
  • The Yorkshire Post, Coventry Telegraph, Derby Telegraph, Stoke Sentinel, Ilford Recorder, etc
  • BBC Sportsday; BBC Five Live; TalkSport