What We Did 

The brief was to boost coverage, awareness, buzz for Warren United, a new animated sitcom on ITV about a long-suffering fan of a rubbish football team.

RelegationMirrorBestCloseupOur response included conducting a poll at relegation time asking football fans whether they felt relegation was the nearest men would come to knowing the pain of childbirth. Two-thirds felt it was; some judged it worse.

“Childbirth only lasts a few hours; the pain of relegation lasts all summer.”

One fan’s response to our survey – quoted in Mail Online


• National coverage in target mediaMailRelegationCloseUpGood

• Story goes viral – spreads globally

Coverage appears in media including:

Daily Mirror/Mirror.co.uk

Daily Mail/Mail Online


The Financial Times/FT.com

Yahoo! Sport

Eurosport UK

Bristol Post, Liverpool Echo, Carlisle Living, etc

Parenting and women’s media: Parentdish, Mother and Baby, Female First

Media in India, Africa, Middle-East