What We Did

Socceranto_Book_Cover_2In order to win coverage for Lulu.com, we invented an international language for football and published the result on Lulu in a book called “Socceranto: Birth Of A Language” at the time of the World Cup.

“Think Inc. has shown again and again that it’s better to have a good PR idea than a huge budget…”

– Bob Young, CEO, Lulu.com; co-founder, Red Hat


Guardian_2Huge global coverage, both mainstream and viral.

Googling “Socceranto” at one point gave 98,000 results.

Coverage helped Lulu’s traffic grow almost seven-fold in 18 months, while its business grew over 10% a month.

“Punish the Fliegenfanger, banish the Rustico, curse the Baggio and pray for a Fantasista. ”

– Reuters article on Socceranto


  • Reuters, CNN, Yahoo!,
  • BBC TV – both UK and worldwide
  • The Guardian, Daily Mirror, The (London) Evening Standard
  • The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Fox Sports
  • National media in Canada, Australia, Argentina, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Kenya, etc.
  • Russian TV, Spanish TV, etc