What We Did

The brief was to generate coverage, buzz, awareness and users for Calm, the meditation and sleep app, and, in particular, for its growing emphasis on sleep.

Among the ways that we responded was producing Baa Baa Land – an eight-hour, slow-motion movie about sheep standing in a field, doing nothing.

It was billed as “The dullest movie ever made” and “The ultimate insomnia cure – better than any sleeping pill.”

We launched it with an 87-second trailed and poster that paid an affectionate nod to the poster for La La Land.


“It got everyone talking, including me”



The result was huge global coverage, buzz, attention and praise …

The story went viral in Bulgaria, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, among other countries (even including the ones we were targeting).

It was the subject of a question on the quiz show,  “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” in Poland, where it was also screened as part of a prestigious design exhibition.

Baa Baa Land was one of many ideas that helped Calm grow from nine staff in a one-bedroom apartment into Apple’s

App of the Year, the first mental health unicorn and the world’s top-grossing health and fitness app.

“A great story”

The Reuters journalist who covered it.


It was covered … well, where WASN’T it?

We stopped counting after 1,500 or so  pieces of coverage.

Coverage included:

The New York Times
The LA Times
The Huffington Post
The New York Daily News
The San Francisco Chronicle
International Business Times
Reader’s Digest
MSN – in at least four different countries and languages
Reddit  – three times
Yahoo Movies
Daily Mail / Mail Online – multiple times
Daily Express
Mirror / Mirror.co.uk
The (London) Evening Standard
The People
iNews (The Independent)
Country Living
Red (Magazine)/ Redonline
The Toronto Star
The Hamilton Spectator
The Independent Online – South Africa’s top news site
Straits Times (Singapore)
Hindustan Times
De Telegraaf  (A leading Dutch national paper)
CNN Indonesia

And hundreds more across the world.

“The trailer is hilarious”

The List TV show