What We Did

Reuters_1_2We offered users of Badoo.com, the social network and dating site, a choice of 12 different “ice-breakers” – or chat-up lines – for opening an online conversation with a member of the opposite sex.

Each line complimented one aspect of the target’s appearance.

We then recorded the response rates to the opening lines used in 200,000 online flirtations in 10 languages over one month.

The most commonly selected chat-up line  was “You have beautiful eyes” but the one that got the highest response worldwide was, “You have beautiful lips”.

“A man trying to woo a woman will stand the best chance of success if he compliments her for having beautiful lips. But if the woman is British, he will have most success complimenting her on her legs.”

– Sarah Knapton, Daily Telegraph


Telegraph_2We scientifically identified the world’s best chat-up line – the Holy Grail of Flirting.

The result was huge global coverage in more languages than we could identify, let alone understand, as the story went viral.

This in turn generated traffic, links and buzz for Badoo, helping fuel its continued growth.

This was just one of a many highly successful studies and stunts conducted by Think Inc for Badoo, which together helped Badoo grow in less than a year from 80m to 125m registered users, while its traffic via search engines also soared.

“What Think Inc’s Peter Freedman does is unique. He is a master at creating online buzz, which spreads globally. He has done so repeatedly for big brands, like craigslist and Badoo. ”

– Amit Shafrir, President, Badoo.com


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