What We Did

Reuters_3We ranked the world’s “most 24-hour” – i.e. most nocturnal – cities by analysing 120 million online chats/flirts over two months on Badoo.com.

We devised Badoo’s own “Nocturnal Index”, based on a combination of peak flirt/chat times and a “Night/Day ratio”, comparing online activity levels by day and night. We then calculated it for every major global city.

“”So New York is the city that never sleeps? Tick that off as just another urban myth.” ”

– Reuters


Worlds_Top_24_hour_city_2We identified Cairo as the world’s most 24-hour city and Malaga as Europe’s, while Spain contributed five of the world’s 10 most 24-hour cities.

London was buzzier than Paris or Rome but what got most coverage was our finding that New York, famed as “the city that never sleeps”, ranked just 32nd, behind almost every European capital. New York, said Reuters, had been “caught napping”.

This was just one of a many highly successful studies and stunts conducted by Think Inc for Badoo, which together helped Badoo grow in less than a year from 80m to 125m registered, while its traffic via search engines also soared.

“”What Think Inc’s Peter Freedman does is unique. He is a master at creating online buzz, which spreads globally. He has done so repeatedly for big brands, like craigslist and Badoo.” ”

– Amit Shafrir, board director, Badoo.com


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