… men and women have different opinions on what constitutes a good idea. Men consider the teabag the best invention (26%) since sliced bread (25% – a very close second). Fifty per cent of women surveyed heralded chocolate and the bra as joint top ideas.

From a 2003 GEM survey commissioned by the East of England Development Agency.

(Salvador Dali’s) favorite technique is that he would put a tin plate on the floor and then sit by a chair beside it, holding a spoon over the plate.

He would then totally relax his body; sometimes he would begin to fall asleep. The moment that he began to doze the spoon would slip from his fingers and clang on the plate, immediately waking him to capture the surreal images.

From a post on www.creativitypost.com called “Salvador Dali’s Creative Thinking Technique” describing “How to conjure up dreamlike imagery from your subconscious”