Achieving Global Coverage through Creative PR

Think Inc can help you achieve global coverage at an affordable cost in either one or both of following ways:global-coverage

1. By Creating Ideas That Spread Around The World

A good idea of the right kind – the kind in which Think Inc specializes – nowadays circles the world; at least, if you know how to help it on its way.

At the same time, helping an idea to circle the globe is easier, if, like Think Inc, you are based in a global media centre, such as London.

2. By Using An International Network Of Agencies/Consultants

Think Inc also has a network of agencies and consultants in other countries and continents, with which/whom it can partner for a particular project, campaign or client.

Meanwhile, Peter Freedman, Think Inc’s Director of Thinking, boasts international experience. Although based in the UK, he has also worked in the US and managed the work of agencies across Europe.

His personal goal on any project, however, is to win coverage in The North Korea Times, which he has achieved on several occasions.