Think Inc also generates ideas for other agencies…                               So, outsource your creative department or just give it a boost


Agencies are under constant pressure to come up with new and more and better ideas – whether to win new clients, keep old ones content or simply to keep their own staff motivated by doing cool work.

Some agencies find that ideas are not their forte.

Others are good at ideas but don’t have the time to be better … or would just welcome some occasional help when it matters.

In such cases, Think Inc can serve as an external or outsourced creative department, or as an extra resource for enhancing the creative efforts of hard-pressed staff.

We can also be the place you turn to when your biggest client turns to you and says… “We want something just like you did last year” … but you know that the idea they mean was the sort of thing you might only come up with once a decade.

One PR agency that retained Think Inc to help generate ideas for new pitches, promptly won pitch after pitch from major brands. More than one of these brands specifically cited the quality of the ideas as the key factor in deciding which agency to hire.