Ideas For Launcheslaunch

A Think Inc specialty is creating ideas to help launch new brands, campaigns, products, businesses and more.

The launch of something new is the time when clients not just want but need to get noticed.

Clients know that the best way of doing so in the modern age of fragmented media and information overload is not by old-wave advertising but by creating ideas that cut through the media clutter and start a buzz.

So, they ask Think Inc to supply such ideas – product launch ideas, brand launch ideas, and ideas for any other kind of launch you could name.

We are also used to working on launches for clients who already have the full range of traditional agencies but who want to add something extra or different to the mix.

Think Inc has created launch ideas for the likes of Apple Computers, VisitScotland,,, Universal Support and more.

You Need Idea After Idea – A Launch That Never Ends

Getting attention for your launch is important but not sufficient. Even when a launch succeeds in winning attention, the world moves on so quickly nowadays, that the half-life of an idea is ever shorter.

To get more than just 15 minutes of fame, you need to come up with not just a one-off launch idea but idea after idea that will keep you top-of-mind. You need a sort of perpetual launch.

By far the most cost-effective way – indeed, often the only way – of achieving this is by coming up with the sort of ideas that are Think Inc’s stock-in-trade.